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Who are we?

Creators of the NEWPORT ART ZINE.

A printed book featuring many different artists in hopes of inspiring creativity and motivation to keep doing what they love.

The Newport Zine was started in 2020 by Vernon and Maddie who wanted to make a supportive and inclusive art community where we could help independent creators get their art printed and seen by others. We fund the zine out of our own pockets and through donations. We don't make any profit from of this project and artists retain all rights to their work.

We send free copies to participating artists and try to spread word of our zine locally and through social media. The goal of printing the book is to try to help artists feel motivated at a time when social media is making it harder and harder for artists to be seen.

Newport Zine is about creating art for fun and making friends along the way. We are environmentally conscious and aim to save the world in any way we can.

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